Titans of Fortune presents CoreView, historically accurate and fun-to-read biographical profiles of America’s greatest moguls, men and women who shaped a nation, wielded unrestrained power, amassed enormous fortunes and, in many cases, lived opulent lifestyles. Above all, they were empire builders who influenced how we dress, what we eat, how we travel, what we read, the laws that regulate our lives, politics, entertainment, global communication, mass transportation, urban growth, and industrial development. Some were robber barons, others great philanthropists, but they all had a splendid audacity.

Written by syndicated columnist and award-winning author Daniel Alef, these biographical profiles, ranging from 1,750 to more than 30,000 words, are steeped in history and provide insight into the qualities and characteristics that made these men and women enormously successful.  Many of the more recent profiles include a timeline, bibliography and video links which provide hours of additional enjoyment.

Titans of Fortune profiles are as entertaining as they are informative. Written in a concise, easy to read style, they have garnered wide-spread acknowledgments from readers and from descendants of many of the titans.

Titans of Fortune also includes digital and audio books including “A Road Well Traveled: Profiles of America’s Greatest Automobile Pioneers,? with a foreword by Thomas Stallenkamp, former president of Daimler/Chrysler, “Sold!: How America’s Greatest Sales and Marketing Pioneers Pulled it Off,? and “The Great Creators: Profiles of America’s Greatest Inventors and Innovators.? You can also download audio articles and an audio version of “A Road Well Traveled? narrated by Baron Ron Herin.

All the Titans of Fortune titles are available in PDF; however, the more recent profiles and books are also available in two other formats: mobi (for Kindle) and epub for Apple’s iPad, iPod and iPhone, the Nook, the Sony Reader, Kobo and other ebook platforms.

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Burt Rutan Biography
Burt Rutan: Aeronautical and Space Legend. Discovery Channel described Burt Rutan as “the man who reinvented the airplane.” But his exploits into space are equally remarkable. Introduction by Michael D. Griffin, former Administrator of NASA. [This bio includes more than 50 images, most provided by Burt, video links, and an extensive timeline].

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I've read these wonderful profiles with such pleasure…
—Barnaby Conrad
International best- selling author and founder of the Santa Barbara Writers Conference
I am a great fan of Titans of Fortune... Dan Alef has found a savvy combination of facts and feelings in selected bios
—Fred Klein
Former executive editor at Bantam Books.
As a fellow lawyer and writer, I was impressed with your easy style and eye for detail, and fluid prose--two hallmarks of a good storyteller.
—Pierce O'Donnell
Author of Fatal Subtraction and In Time of War.
This is the best encapsulation of Otis I've ever read.
—Marilyn Chandler De Young
Otis Chandler’s wife
A friend of mine, who lives in Santa Barbara, sent me the copy of Capt. Matson, that was printed in your paper. It was beautifully written and I will put it in my keepsakes. I am a granddaughter of the Capt.; my father was Walter Matson...
—Carol Park
For a long time, I have enjoyed your essays. They are concise, well-written and informative. I think we do not tell writers often enough how much we appreciate their work, so I thought I would drop you a line.
—Mashey Bernstein
Lecturer, Writing Program at University of California at Santa Barbara
It was fun to see you, especially as your mind was still churning Getty's life story, and then . . . bam, it was there. You have a great reportial touch.
—Doran William Cannon
Award-winning Hollywood screenwriter, author and founder of The Writers Academy