It seems as if Paris and Nicky Hilton get as much publicity as the entire Hilton Hotel chain, the giant hospitality company with 485,000 rooms and 2,800 hotels. They all owe their existence to Conrad N. Hilton, a man who achieved success with the same panache, daring and abandon that his great-granddaughters employ to reveal their habitus. Although Hilton lived for nearly 30 years in Casa Encantada, a 61-room mansion set on nine acres in Bel Air, a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles, the governor of Texas called him a Texan. After all, Hilton was born in San Antonio in 1887 and started his hotel career in Texas. However, the San Antonio of Hilton's birth was in the Territory of New Mexico, not in Texas Hilton’s father Augustus, was a Norwegian immigrant who married Mary Laufersweiler a religious second-generation German-American. “Gus? owned a mercantile store, ran a boarding house, and later acquired coal mines in New Mexico.