Buick is one of the best known automobile brands, with more than 17 million cars sold since Buick Motor Company was formed in 1903. Yet, unlike other recognized names such as Henry Ford and Horace and John Dodge, whose companies provided them with fortunes, making them some of the wealthiest men on the globe, David Dunbar Buick prospered not at all from his namesake. Bruce Catton, Pulitzer-Prize-winning historian and journalist, once said, “In all the collection of strange tales that are told in Detroit, the automobile capital, there is no tale as strange as the tale of David Buick.� Buick was born in Arbroath, Scotland, a fishing village, on September 17, 1854. His mother, Jane, was a servant at a nearby inn, his father, Alexander, a carpenter. The family emigrated to Detroit when Buick was two years old, but Alexander died three years later. Jane remarried in 1865 and by year’s end Buick quit school—he threw an inkwell at the teacher—and left Detroit to work on a farm.