Elizabeth Arden's life is convincing proof that Henry David Thoreau was right when he said that "dreams are the touchstones of our characters." She had big dreams, and as illusive as dreams can be, she managed to make hers come true and then some. Elizabeth Arden was born Florence Nightingale Graham on Dec. 31, 1878, in Woodbridge, Ontario. Her father, William, was a poor, itinerant, Scottish farmer who married beyond his station, leaving his wife, Susan Tadd, disinherited by disappointed parents. With no prospects in Britain, the Grahams immigrated to Canada. The family struggled financially. They were so poor that Susan would insulate the children's shoes with newspapers, a habit the future Elizabeth Arden would find difficult to shed. Susan's health faded with the birth of her third child, Gladys. Tuberculosis had taken root.