Elvis Aaron Presley is the highest-paid dead celebrity, generating $49 million in 2007 from the sale, licensing and distribution of his trademark, image, and music catalogue, and from tours of Graceland, one of American’s most famous historic homes. Yet the King has been dead for more than 30 years! Long live the King! Elvis is an iconic American fixture; other than one impromptu show in Paris while he was on leave from the Army, he never performed outside of North America. Yet his name, not to mention his music and likeness, is better known worldwide than most to today’s most well-known performers and political leaders. “He was called the “King of Rock and Roll? or simply “the King.? He was regarded as the king of “rock and roll,? a term that has appeared in various contexts over the years, sometimes meaning to shake things up or incite, but in secular black music it alluded to dancing and sex. Rock and roll as a music genre was brought to light in 1951 by Alan Freed, a Cleveland disk jockey, when he played “My Baby Rocks me With a Steady Roll? and other black rhythm and blues.