In 1932 Duesenberg, Inc., an automobile manufacturer, announced the addition of a supercharged model to their already famous J model line, with a 320 HP engine and a maximum speed in second gear of 104 mph. Called the Duesenberg SJ, it was a classic case of beauty and the beast, beautifully designed by some of the greatest coach builders in the world, yet a massive beast weighing in at nearly 6,000 pounds. Jay Leno, owner of an extensive classic car collection, calls the SJ his favorite car. He feels it is “probably the greatest American car? ever built. The Duesenberg name evokes images of a European heritage, an automobile built in the image and traditions of iconic stalwarts such as Mercedes, Benz, Bugatti and Ferrari. But the European heritage is an illusion. Although the Duesenberg brothers, Friedrich and August, were born in a modest farm house on the outskirts of the small German hamlet of Kircheide, Fred in 1876 and Augie in 1879, Duesenberg cars are as American as apple pie, born and bred in the cornfields of Iowa.