Once upon a time there were four friends. They called themselves the Vagabonds. They took summer trips together, shared their thoughts, dreams and visions, and forever changed the world we live in. They were born into simple farming families but set their horizons well beyond their pastures. They were inventive and industrious, and they achieved extraordinary success. The Vagabonds were Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, John Burroughs and Harvey Firestone. The youngest, Firestone, was born in Columbiana, Ohio, on Dec. 20, 1868. After high school, he embarked on a business career. He studied bookkeeping in Cleveland and joined his cousin's concern, Columbus Buggy Co., as a bookkeeper. Ledgers, however, were not his passion. He wanted to sell. Despite his cousin's remonstrations, Firestone turned to peddling cough syrup, Wild Rose Lotion and Arabian Oil for the Jackson Manufacturing Co.