“Go West, young man,? is the well-known refrain commonly associated with Horace Greeley. Yet few know about his remarkable life and achievements, not even the people of Greeley, Colo. Born Feb. 3, 1811, in a modest two-story house on a farm in Amherst, N.H., Horace, like so many other great titans, had a well-meaning but unsuccessful father; a man with great dreams and little talent. When Horace was nine, he watched the sheriff enter the Greeley home and execute a writ to take possession of all the family's property. To avoid going to prison for his debts, his father fled across state lines to the safety of New York. In 1826, Horace became a printer's apprentice for the Northern Spectator of East Poultney, Vt. It was a perfect fit as Horace quickly grasped the art of printing, and gained insight into the world of journalism and publishing.