Two San Francisco hotels share a common ancestry, one borne of wealth, station and silver. Bonanza King James Graham Fair's daughters, Tessie and Virginia, originally built the Fairmont Hotel atop of San Francisco's gilded Nob Hill as a monument to their father after he had passed away. And "Bonanza Jim" built the Victorian masterpiece that is now the Queen Anne Hotel for his daughters because of their estrangement and with the view that it might bring them closer together. It did not. Jim Fair and John Mackay were partners for many years, sharing the immense success they would unearth in the Comstock Lode. But Fair, the extremely vain master mechanic and financial genius, was Mackay's evil twin. Fair loved the limelight, and his exploits violated every canon of ethics and justice. People detested him and he could not care less. Fair regarded himself above all others and claimed credit for nearly every success on the Lode. He loved airing what other prominent men took great lengths to conceal.