Horace Greeley said, “Go west young man.� Some claim he said it to Joseph Medill, a 32-year-old newspaper man from Ohio. In 1855 Medill headed to Chicago and walked into the offices of the Chicago Tribune. He was ambitious, but had little inkling of the role he would play in the growth of the Tribune, the City of Chicago, the formation of a new party, one he named the “Republican� party, or the election of Abraham Lincoln. Medill was born in 1823 near St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, where his parents had settled in the mistaken belief they were in the U.S. When Medill was nine, his parents moved to Massillon, Ohio. Medill lived the life of a typical farm boy for 12 years before graduating in 1843 from the Massillon Village Academy. Any thoughts of attending college were dashed when a fire destroyed the family home. To earn money Medill sold subscriptions to Horace Greeley’s Tribune.