Many of America’s great moguls earned unique sobriquets such as the “Lone Wolf of Wall Street,? “Witch of Wall Street,? “President Maker,? “Grand Ole Man of the Pacific,? and “Colossus of Roads,? but no one attached a colorful tag to Stephen Girard, America’s first multimillionaire. He was too feared to be ignored, but too cold to be admired. The eldest of five children, Girard was born at Bordeaux, France, in1750. He lost sight in his right eye before he was eight and his view of the world soured as children ridiculed him. Conditions at home were hardly better. He claimed his father, a successful mariner, neglected him, sending Girard’s younger brothers to college but providing Girard with only a basic education. Making things worse, Girard’s mother died when he was 12. A year later his father sent him to sea as a cabin-boy. Plying the waters between Bordeaux and the French West Indies, Girard absorbed the art of navigation and studied commerce with a rapier-sharp mind.