Question: What do flying across the Atlantic, a drone targeting insurgents in Iraq, a jet taking off from an aircraft carrier, and Neil Armstrong landing on the Sea of Tranquility, have in common? Answer: Tubal Claude Ryan, one of aviation’s innovative pioneers. Born in Parsons, KA, in January 1898, Ryan became fascinated with flight as a child after reading “How I Fly,? an article in The American Boy. Fascination crystallized into ambition when the 13-year-old straddled the railroad tracks in Parsons, straining to catch a glimpse of Cal Rodgers flying overhead, seeking to become the first American to cross the continent in less than 30 days and win W.R. Hearst’s $50,000 prize. In 1912 the family moved to Orange, CA. Ryan tinkered with mechanics and delivered newspapers from a bicycle, and later from a Flying Merkle 7-hp motorcycle. Flight, however, never strayed from his mind.