Edmund Wrigley penned a book titled “The Workingman’s Way to Wealth.? One wonders whether his nephew, William Wrigley, Jr. ever read it, because he was, as Time magazine noted in 1932, “the perfect example of the Poor Boy Who Made Good . . . the great American legend.? Arriving in Chicago in 1891 with only $32 in his pocket (and a $5,000 helping hand from an uncle), Wrigley started a company that now has sales approaching $4 billion and, after a century, is still family led. Time was right on the mark, Wrigley “made good,? not just in business, but as a human being. Wrigley’s story begins in Philadelphia, where he was born in 1861. Times were difficult for the family. Wrigley’s father enlisted in the army and Wrigley ended up living with an aunt and uncle.